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A power plant is a facility for generation of electric power. Power plants contain generators and a rotating machine that converts mechanical power into electrical power. The relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor creates electrical current. The energy harnessed to turn the generator varies. Most power stations in the world burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, but GTC uses clean sources.

In thermal power stations, mechanical power is produced by a heat engine that transforms thermal energy into rotational energy. Most thermal power stations produce steam. The steam produced is used to drive the generators. To produce the steam required a boiler is used. A boiler or steam generator is a device used to create steam.

The boiler used will be of type traveling grate or fluidized bed, depending upon the biomass fuels that are being used. The salient features of the boiler unit include :

  • Furnace
  • Super heater
  • Economizer
  • Steam and mud drums
  • Air pre-heater

‘ GTC has started marketing biomass based power plants, where we source out all kind of requirements from our counterparts from various countries especially India.’

The steam generated from the boiler will drive a steam turbine coupled to an electric generator. The power generated will be evacuated to the nearest substation.Steam from the turbine will be condensed in a condenser and the condensate will be supplied to the de-aerator by means of a condensate extraction pump.

Process And Components

  • The de-aerator will remove oxygen and noncondensable from the condensate.
  • The condensate is heated by the steam supplied from turbine bleed.
  • The preheated condensate will be stored in the de-aerator water tank, which is an integral unit of de-aerator.
  • The feed water will be pumped back to the boiler by means of a boiler feed pump.
  • The de-aerator is supplied with de-materialized make-up water to make-up the feed water loss from the system due to blow down and leakage.
  • A suitable capacity de-materialized water plant will be provided for the supply of make-up water.
  • The cooling water for the condenser will be supplied from plant cooling water system. This includes cooling water pump, cooling tower and pipe work.
  • The turbo-generator unit will be provided with all necessary auxiliary equipment including condensate pump, ejectors, gland steam
    condenser, ejector condenser etc.
  • A pressure reducing and de-super-heating station (PRDS) will be provided to supply steam to the de-aerator and also to the turbo-generator ejectors and gland sealing during start up.
  • In addition to all main equipment, the plant will have all necessary auxiliary systems such as :
    • Fuel storage and handling system
    • Ash handling system
    • Re-circulating water system
    • Water treatment plant like D.M., R.O. & E.D.I. System
    • Firefighting System, Compressed Air System
    • Electrical System including Power Evacuation System, power distribution equipment
    • Instrumentation and Control System
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